Personalized Health and Wellness Coaching

I am a National Board Certified  Health Wellness Coach, trained and certified by the  Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Changing habits that are not working for us is challenging!  We will work together in transforming your values and visions into action, maintaining lasting lifestyle changes.

You can create life-lasting wellness habits!

I can help you identify and achieve your goals in areas that include:

Nutrition and healthy eating

Managing health challenges, such as: diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, cancer, etc.

Achieving and maintaining physical fitness

Stress management and building resiliency

Relationships with yourself and others

Spiritual well-being

Success in your professional life

My training is in Positive Psychology and strengths-based.  We work together in identifying your strengths. “It’s not about fixing what’s broken, it’s nurturing what is best within ourselves.”  Learned Optimism

  • 6 – week program (Weekly 60-minute sessions)  ~ $60 per session
  • 12 – week program (Weekly 45 – minute sessions)  ~ $648  for 12 sessions
  • 24 -week program (Weekly 45 – minute sessions) 20% discount
  • Free consultation

Hands-On Culinary Healing and Wellness Coaching

Welcome to the heart and soul of Cook to Heal!

Cook to Heal is a hands-on culinary healing journey. It combines healthy cooking and wellness coaching.

This 12-week journey to health is designed to empower individuals who are experiencing immediate health challenges such as: cancer, prediabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Exciting and fun learning takes place in the client’s kitchen. Clients learn to confidently use the nutritional advice provided by their healthcare providers, resulting in evidence-based  better health outcomes, fostering hope and life-long lasting changes. 

Price is based  on a sliding scale.

Culinary Nutrition Demonstrations

Cook to Heal offers culinary demonstrations in the community once a month. Focus is on learning how to make fast, practical, and delicious meals using the foods that help our bodies stay healthy as well as heal. 

Culinary demonstrations can also be arranged in individual’s homes. For best service, In-Home demonstrations are limited to 10 people. Cooking demonstrations are approximately one-hour long.

  • Price is $25 per person, price includes the food

Hands-On Learning

This service offers culinary nutrition lessons to individuals in their homes.

This service can include all or part of the following:

  • How to shop for foods that heal and learning to read nutritional labels. 

  • Selecting seasonal foods.

  • Buying organic vs. non-organic.

  • How to create a 5-day meal plan based on your favorite healing foods. 

  • How to meal prep for the week and cook 1-day from your meal plan.

  • How to cook meals using healing foods for individuals with: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and specific health challenges.

  • Price is $30 per hour (Minimum session time is 2 hours)