My work is rooted in solid, evidence-based facts and ancient wisdomCertain foods can heal.

Powerful things happen to our bodies when we eat and cook with healing foods. I use an innovative, hands-on approach  to  teach my clients how to shop for and cook with healing foods in their kitchens, using their cooking utensils, while listening to their favorite tunes. My clients gain optimism and confidence while actively learning to manage their health challenges with healing foods. This experience is combined with strengths-based wellness coaching.


Cook to Heal Values

  • I believe that a mostly,  plant-based diet can lead to better health.

  • I believe that routine natural movement throughout the day contributes to a person’s well-being.

  • I believe goal setting, action planning, being engaged in one’s recovery are important for overall health and wellness.

  • I believe that optimism will influence our mental and physical well-being.

  • I believe that laughter is good for the body and soul!

Who I Am

Hello, my name is Solange (Sol), founder of Cook to Heal.

Building upon my 20+ years as a teacher and my love of cooking healthy and delicious meals have enabled me to pursue my passion to help individuals  achieve their goals for health and well-being. I am a culinary nutritionist, a certified nutritionist,  a health and wellness coach, and most importantly, a caring person who is passionate about helping you achieve your wellness goals.